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Tanzania is one of the countries in the world with lack of primary healthcare available to rural communities due to the poor infrastructure of these places. In Tanzania 71% of healthcare service providers especially doctors and community health workers live in urban areas, which make it impossible to retain doctors in remote areas because the doctors will feel professionally isolated if positioned in remote areas. Patients face a broken hospital delivery system that perpetuates long wait times, expensive consultations, and low-quality care

To solve this social and economic challenge, we designed AFYA BORA which is a digital medical appointment scheduling platform that allows Tanzania residents to schedule an in-person or online appointment (telehealth) with a general physician or specialists. The purpose of Afya Bora is to empower patients and healthcare providers through data, and the ability to better access online healthcare services in the region. It is a medical booking platform that is revolutionizing the way patients and doctors schedule their appointments.

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